TNTmap Widget

TNTmap Widget 070423

View maps, images and geodata as layers


  • Multiple layering
  • Great address search
  • Clear and clean dashboard widget


  • Map images a bit clunky


This handy dashboard widget allows you to view multiple maps, images and other geodata from various websites simultaneously so you can flip through all the information you want and generate the services you actually need.

A small control panel allows you to switch between layers in Google Maps, Google Earth, TNT Open and TNT Map Viewer.

The great advantage of this is that you are in complete control of everything across all sites; just search and zoom wherever you want to go, and make sure you get the perfect map for you.

The picture was a little clunky but soon refreshed itself with a roll of the mouse and sometimes it was a little tricky opening multiple pages but the address bar worked like a dream finding three of my old homes first time.

View maps, images, and other geodata as layers in Google Maps, Google Earth, TNTmap Open, or TNTmap Viewer from any site offering them via a Web Map Service (WMS).

TNTmap Widget is designed to locate, organise, and view WMS geodata. TNTmap is also available as a web application for use in Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

TNTmap Widget


TNTmap Widget 070423

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